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Danger in YOUR Duct?

You may be surprised to find out that your air ducts are the most dirty and neglected area of your otherwise well kept-home.What's in your ducts might concern you.

Out of sight

Out of mind

Out of reach


Most household dust is the result of shedding of human skin. Of the 5-6 pounds of debris residing in air ducts, the most plentiful is dust that has become trapped, and left to build layer after layer until chunks are dislodged accidentally or removed by a thorough cleaning. Kind of disgusting when you stop to think about it? The only thing worse is imaging moving into a residence that someone else has occupied, without cleaning their dust from YOUR air.

Dust Mites

How much trouble could these microscopic cousins of the spider cause? Lots. Dust mites are extremely fertile in perfect conditions provided by ventilation systems. These mites feed on the plentiful dust in air ducts, lay up to 300 eggs, and can leave up to 200 times their weight in droppings EACH before they die leaving remains behind. In addition to paying no rent, these unwanted house guests can cause a long and miserable list of allergy and asthma symptoms which can worsen if more sanitary conditions are not restored by a thorough cleaning/sanitizing/disinfecting.

Mold, Bacteria & Fungi

What do these things have in common? They are all pretty icky, smelly, disease- causing contaminants that probably reside in your ductwork right now. This is why Breathe Easy ALWAYS offers FREE SANITIZING using a safe and non-toxic disinfectant as part of our full service and health-oriented approach.


Ever smell a foul odor and can't pinpoint its source? It is not uncommon during duct cleaning to find live rodents, in those in varying stages of decomposition, as well as nests within ducts of homes that have no other evidence of mice. This is because mice can hide well or get trapped inside ducts without venturing outside of this safe haven. Worse yet is the rodent feces left behind which can cause irritation and serious illness. Breathe Easy, duct cleaning removes rodents, dead or alive and mess they leave behind.

Don't take our word for it, let Breathe Easy's "Duct Doctor" show you during a no-obligation house-call with our special infrared camera.