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How powerful and technically sound is our equipment?

The answer is simple. We have invested in the MOST POWERFUL & TECHNICALLY EFFECTIVE equipment designed and manufactured by the world's largest distributor of duct cleaning equipment.

Our equipment is "truck-mounted", which is important to you because it means that all debris and contaminants from your ducts will be suctioned and contained in our truck never again to be filtered or re-circulated back into your home. Our equipment does not use your electricity, which can help save money too.

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Removal Process

We understand that duct cleaning industry uses confusing descriptions and frustrating jargon, making it almost impossible for anyone outside of it to understand and, more importantly, to compare prices, services and value accurately!

We believe a well-informed customer is the best customer, so we provide you with the following step by step process so there are no questions as to how we achieve the results that we promise, deliver and guarantee.

Feel free to print this table and use it as a guide when comparing services and prices.
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1. Assessment -we walk through home with you to locate and count vents -insures that you know exactly what the charges will be before we start, with no surprises or hidden costs
-if customer is interested, an infrared video camera can be inserted into the ducts for technician and customer to view the duct -allows you the opportunity to see the amount and quality debris and contaminants that would normally be hidden from site
2. Preparation -floor runners, corner protectors and indoor footwear applied -your home is protected and treated with the up most respect
-unlike some services, we are fully insured -you can be confident in your protection in the unlikely chance of a mishap on the job
3. Thorough Cleaning -we use the most powerful equipment made by the world's largest manufacturer of duct cleaning products -you can be confident that the most advanced technology and equipment is being used in your home to do the job right
-our equipment is "truck mounted" -dust, debris and contaminants are sent to the truck where they cannot re-circulate through your home like some units being used for residential cleaning can
-your hydro is not used
- we use a "source removal process", which is indisputably the best method, which puts constant suction through your ducts during the entire job -you have the powerful suction equivalent to about 150 household vacuums to remove debris as it is cleaned and cleared from your home
-an "octopus" device goes through each duct and expands to deliver powerful blasts of air with the right level of agitation to air-sweep the duct surface, even if there are bends or corners -unlike the a brush technique, our technique does not experience limitations if the size or shape of duct does not fit the brush exactly, so it is better at getting into the corners and bends
-while the agitation occurs, the suction works continuously to remove the debris from the home -unlike portable units that can only suck, our technique uses the benefits of push and pull for a more thorough cleaning
4. FREE Sanitizing - we use a disinfectant that is has a germ killing ability as powerful as bleach but is 100% natural and less toxic than household vinegar - this disinfectant is proven safe for even the most sensitive members of the family, like children and the elderly, but is highly effective at killing disease causing germs, such as bacteria and fungi
- to apply the disinfectant, we use a specially designed "fogging machine" - fogging is a better method than spraying or manually washing because it allows the disinfectant to reach in places that people cannot and more fully coats the ducts, giving you a more thorough sanitizing
5. FREE Dryer Vent Cleaning - if you have a clothes dryer, then we use a special tool to clear the vent of excess lint or other debris that has found its way into this system - cleaning of the dryer vents are recommended by many dryer manufactures for safety, efficiency and hygiene